Rako: Control your lighting with ease

When it comes to providing lighting control technology, we believe there is no better option than the state-of-the-art systems produced by Rako. Fully customisable and versatile, Rako products create way for a seamless transition into the world of smart homes. They offer a diverse range of applications to suit every space and every need.

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Integrating Rako lighting controls into properties has allowed our clients to enjoy a seamless method of control. Take a look through our reviews to find out what you could expect from us.

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The Rako hub

The Rako hub is the central control unit for your lighting system. Considered the brain of the system, the hub allows for seamless integration across the whole of your Rako system, offering features like app control, time clocks that eliminate the need to physically turn switches off and holiday modes to make it look like someone is always in. Despite its size, the services provided are not to be underestimated. Thanks to compatibility with your blinds, the hub provides a truly immersive hands-free smart experience.

Rako app control

Rako’s app control provides an easy and intuitive way to interact with your lighting control system, granting convenient control and simplicity right at your fingertips. The app connects to your hub from anywhere in the world, which can then offer you the ability to control your own lighting and create the ambiance that best suits you at that moment in time. The addition of a colour wheel within the app allows for unique scene settings for colour changing fittings. Elevate your space, the way YOU want it!

Why do we use Rako?

Rako, a British-made lighting control solution, offers a friendly and easy service which is accessible to a wide range of users. The customisation options provide a solution for everyone, and our reliable relationship with the Rako team lets us quickly source their products. We’ll be able to incorporate lighting controls into your property without delay due to the lack of lead time. For both domestic living and commercial office spaces, Rako is the ideal choice.

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