A stable internet connection is an absolute foundation for every property and our networking services provide seamless connectivity experiences for every client. With wired and wireless systems, we provide customised solutions that keep your home network functioning with speed, simplicity and, most importantly, security. To find out how we can transform the network within your home, call us on 020 3633 5087.

Alpha Tech Group: Your trusted home network specialist

Every home deserves an excellent network, and you can depend on our team to achieve this within yours. We share over 65 years of experience, which amounts to an unrivalled level of expertise. Whenever an opportunity arises to enhance our skills, we take it to ensure that we remain one step ahead. Within our team there are experts in every field, and our turnkey processes remove the need for you to seek the services of other trades. Keeping your project within a single team ensures knowledge is shared, nothing is overlooked, and the result exceeds any expectations.

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Network systems

A network system provides a range of possibilities and options, ensuring seamless connectivity across the home. This includes those areas where you may encounter weak or dead spots. From hardwiring components such as TVs and games consoles to providing a reliable whole-home Wi-Fi system, we can deliver a fast connection for streaming and media. We take a bespoke approach to ensure that your devices are integrated effectively, and your connection is resilient. This guarantees an uninterrupted media experience.

Maintaining your home network

Our maintenance service is carried out to ensure that your network system continuously provides the performance you require. Our service calls cover software updates, health checks and assessing individual components. With regular testing, we provide peace of mind in the safety and efficiency of your networking system, keeping it fast for when you need it most.

Home networking systems: Your FAQs

Q: Are networking systems secure?

A: The networking systems we provide will initially require a customised password to join. We can build networks that can block certain keywords and potential spyware sites to give you peace of mind. We can also turn off internet access to certain devices at certain times of the day, which is great for maintaining parental control!

Q: Can I access my home network remotely whilst I’m away from home?

A: Yes, your home networking system can be accessed from anywhere by using an app on your smartphone. However networking platforms are mainly used by installers to maintain a flawless system.

Q: Can I set parental controls on my home networking system?

A: We can modify your home networking system to best suit you and your property. We can offer you the ability to block specific websites and devices to suit your preferences.

Let’s design your ideal network

There are endless opportunities for networking to improve your property. From whole office networks to a robust home network, lets discuss the benefits and get started. Simply contact our team by calling 020 3633 5087 or sending us an email via info@alpha-techgroup.co.uk and we’ll be happy to speak with you.