Lighting design
and Installation

Introduce your property to a lighting experience that enhances your space whilst still offering simplicity. Eliminate the need for lots of conventional switching and dimming. Lighting design and installation is one of our specialties. We take the time to design intricate automated lighting systems that deliver the right atmosphere for your space at the touch of a single button. Welcome controlled lighting into your property and explore the vast array of options by calling us on 020 3633 5087.


Alpha Tech Group: Your trusted light automation specialist

The services we provide are entirely comprehensive, meaning you won’t need to spend time seeking the services of other trades. Sharing over 65 years of experience, we can provide a team that excels in every field, keeping the entirety of your lighting project in expert hands. It is fair to say that our knowledge is unrivalled, but when an opportunity to further our skills arises, we don’t hesitate in taking it. Being one step ahead allows us to provide results of supreme quality, every time.

Talk to us about smart lighting installation

We don’t expect any two smart lighting systems to be the same, so don’t hold back with your requirements. Our solutions are crafted to exceed expectations in your home, office space, or commercial unit. Give us a call on 020 3633 5087, send us an email at, or fill out our contact form to get started.


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With our expertise, dedication and precision, we know we can provide unrivalled lighting systems. Take a look at our reviews to see what our clients think of our work.

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Lighting control systems

The possibilities for lighting control systems are endless and our comprehensive service brings ease and elegance to your space. From lining domestic bannisters with LEDs to installing tailored lighting arrangements throughout your office space, we cover all aspects of design, installation, and maintenance. No matter the environment, we strive to bring your project to life through a seamless process that you can trust. There are no limitations.

Maintaining your automated lights

Our maintenance service provides your lighting control system with continuous performance. The inspections we carry out, from software updates to fixed wire testing, ensure a level of safety and performance that is unparalleled and keeps the system healthy. You can depend on us to keep your space well-lit, providing peace of mind, style, and security.

Light control systems: Your FAQs

Q: Can light automation improve the security of my home?

A: Automated lighting is great at creating the illusion that your property is occupied, even when nobody is home. This can deter would-be intruders and improve the security of your home.

Q: Do I need a lighting designer?

A: A good lighting design can make all the difference. An expert designer can ensure your internal and external lights function in the best way for you, whilst also complementing your home with correct fittings, colours, and brightness. We manage the entirety of our lighting control services within our team, from design through to installation and, of course, maintenance. You can depend on our expertise to create a design that elevates your home and offers simplicity you dream of.

Q: Can I depend on my smart bulbs/lamps to last a long time?

A: Yes, smart bulbs are proven to be able to last anywhere between 15,000 and 23,000 hours. If you have your lights on for six hours a day, your smart bulbs/lamps could last for up to a decade!

Design your lighting control needs

Whatever your requests or requirements, we can meet them. Give us a call on 020 3633 5087 or send us an email at to find out what we can produce together.