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 Experience the future of home living in Kent with Alpha Tech Group. Our bespoke smart home automation systems redefine elegance, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with timeless design. Every installation is a masterpiece, tailored to suit your lifestyle. As industry leaders with prestigious accreditations, including CEDIA and City and Guilds, our commitment to perfection is unwavering. Explore the possibilities by contacting us at 020 3633 5087 and witness your home transform into a haven of futuristic sophistication.


Create your smart home system in Kent

Experience the epitome of smart living in Kent with Alpha Tech Group. Break free from constraints as we tailor smart home solutions to enrich diverse lifestyles. From room-centric setups to comprehensive home systems, the possibilities are boundless.

Imagine the comfort of centralised heating, immersing yourself in tailored audio experiences, control visuals with finesse, and fortify your space with advanced access controls. No concept is too ambitious – discuss your aspirations and watch us bring them to life. Redefine luxury with bespoke, cutting-edge automation that transcends expectations.

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Experience unmatched luxury with Alpha Tech Group’s bespoke home automation in Kent. Elevate your lifestyle. Discover what our clients love – read reviews now.

Welcome a smart home automation system to your Kent home

Indulge in effortless luxury at home with Alpha Tech Group. Elevate your lifestyle with cutting-edge technology. Explore opulent options in Kent. For a glimpse into refined living, call 020 3633 5087, email us at or fill out our contact form.


Maintaining automation for your home

At Alpha Tech Group, our commitment to excellence extends beyond installation; we ensure your Kent home automation system remains at its pinnacle. Through meticulous routine inspections, we proactively manage software updates, guaranteeing the latest advancements in technology. Our comprehensive approach delves into individual components, maintaining the overall health of your smart home system. Elevate your experience with cutting-edge performance, where safety and innovation converge seamlessly.

Why choose us to install your home automation system in Kent?

At Alpha Tech, innovation is not just a buzzword; it’s the core of our home automation installations in Kent. Our team stays ahead of the technological curve, incorporating the latest advancements into your smart home setup. From intuitive controls to futuristic features, choose us for an installation that reflects the forefront of innovation.

A comprehensive service

Beyond installation, Alpha Tech’s comprehensive smart home automation service includes proactive maintenance and support. We ensure that your system operates flawlessly over time by conducting routine check-ups, installing updates, and providing dedicated support. Trust us to not only bring innovation to your home but also to sustain and enhance it with our ongoing commitment to proactive service and support.

Unrivalled knowledge

With an impressive 65 years of experience, Alpha Tech is synonymous with knowledge refined over decades. Our dedication to training and research has cultivated a team of experts who bring unparallelled insights to every home automation project. The depth of our understanding, accumulated over years of hands-on experience, ensures that we deliver solutions that are not only reliable but also innovative.

Pristine results

We redefine excellence in smart home installations, delivering premium results through the fusion of best-in-class technology and unmatched knowledge. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve ensures that your smart home is equipped with the latest advancements, seamlessly integrated for optimal performance. Experience a new standard of excellence with Alpha Tech’s cutting-edge solutions.

Find out more about our approach?

From concept to completion, our experts prioritise precision and innovation. Elevate your lifestyle with seamless automation and cutting-edge technology. Give us a call on 020 3633 5087 or send us an email at to connect with our team.